TherapySouth joins Health Talents International Missions Work in Guatemala

Two of our own TherapySouth PTs joined a team from Health Talents International with other healthcare professionals on a trip to Guatemala where they provided physical therapy and health services to the communities there.


Nathan Click, PT, MSPT and Ann Lee, PT, DPT both reflect on the unique opportunity they have as Christians and physical therapists to share the love of Jesus Christ through hands-on, healing care.


“Though Guatemala is a developing country, there is a significant gap between the upper and lower class without much in the middle. One child was asked about his dreams, and the response was “having my own bed”, which is considered a luxury by most.


Despite the lack of material possessions, many Guatemalan’s are joyful, loving and grateful.  Working in Guatemala is great reminder that true joy does not come from physical things or possessions.


I am grateful that TherapySouth supports global and domestic mission works that afford opportunities to give back a small part of what we have been blessed with.” – Nathan Click.

“It was an honor and privilege to provide physical therapy services alongside the Health Talents International staff, Abilene Christian University students, and various health care professionals in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. My desire was to use my skills to serve the patients I interacted with and show them the love of Jesus and the hope we have in the gospel.


Throughout the week, I was met with so much kindness, grace, and love through every interaction and connection I made. The people I served in Guatemala exemplified a radiant joy not based on external circumstances, but which can only come from knowing God. The example they set in this is something from which we can all learn.


Above all, I was reminded of God’s love that transcends continents, cultures, and language barriers. I will forever be grateful to TherapySouth for their support of missions work and for the opportunity to learn from and serve the people of Chichicastenango.” – Ann Lee.

TherapySouth is grateful for opportunities to partner with organizations like Health Talents that allow our staff to pursue their passion and express their faith through doing a job they love and serving others around the world.


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