Move Forward with Physical Therapy

When six months have passed since you exercised with regularity – how do you get back into a healthy routine? October is National Physical Therapy Month and this year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) will focus on the benefits of regular physical activity. Specifically, the role your PT plays to keep you healthy and active. […]

3 Ways to Prevent Common Running Injuries

Featured Therapist: Justin Kirk, PT, DPT   When the average temperature drops below 80 degrees, you will typically see more runners out and about. The cooler weather invites us to spend more time outdoors, and with mask mandates at many gyms and fitness centers, some athletes are turning to exercises they can do anywhere, like […]

Women’s Health and the 4th Trimester

Featured Therapist: Jazma Dobbins, PT, DPT, CAPP-Pelvic   The 12 weeks following childbirth present many new challenges to mothers including emotional exhaustion, physical exhaustion, and the tendency to neglect their own health to care for her baby. This period is known as the 4th trimester.   While a women’s body will undergo many changes throughout the first three […]

PT-Approved Gifts for This Holiday Season

2020 is the year of training at home and having the right products can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a workout. We know that gift-giving can be hard, especially when it’s for someone who is passionate about fitness and always on the hunt for the next best thing.   We’ve pulled together […]

Get a Leg Up on Your Health: Annual PT Screenings

Featured Therapist: Corey Irby, PT DPT Life is a sequence of opportunities filled with trials, challenges, and potential. We are best poised to live a fulfilling life when our bodies are healthy and strong. The way we become and remain healthy and strong is by being physically active, eating nutritious foods, sleeping well, and managing […]

How to Improve Your ‘Work from Home’ Setup and Avoid Pain

Featured Therapist: Nolan Williams, PT, DPT If you experience neck or back pain while working from home, whether a new problem or a flare up of a previous problem, it’s most likely not a coincidence!   Since the shift to working from home, I have seen an increased incidence of neck and back pain in patients throughout our […]

Tony Bridges offers industrial rehabilitation services at TherapySouth in Montgomery

Tony Bridges, MS, CSCS, CDE, CEES is the Director of Industrial Rehabilitation Services for TherapySouth and will be serving patients at the new TherapySouth clinic in Montgomery. The clinic, located at 8117 Old Federal Road in Montgomery, opened in September of 2020 under the direction of Tiffany Higginbotham, PT, MSPT. TherapySouth acquired Higginbotham’s business (Body […]

Get “Match Ready” with Physical Therapy

Featured Therapist: Hannah Cox, PT, DPT Athletes should know that training and practice can only take them as far as their healthy body will allow. The risk of injury and missing competition as a result can weigh heavily on performance and attitude toward their sport. From a physical therapist’s perspective, it is common to see […]

3 Ways PT Can Relieve Pain from TMD

Featured Therapist: Becca O’Neal, PT, DPT Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is a common condition that affects the jaw (TMJ), including limitation in movement of the jaw joint. Pain and discomfort associated with TMD is not limited to the jaw. Many patients diagnosed with TMD later learn that their headaches, neck pain and other symptoms are […]

Weed Out Pain in the Garden

Featured Therapist: Josh Steed, PT, DPT, MTC Spring is in the air! Now is the time to get outdoors and spruce up your garden. Most of us know that long hours spent planting and weeding can result in soreness and aches that last for days. The good news is there are ways to avoid that […]