Welcome to TherapySouth Tuscaloosa! Our clinic offers a variety of services and treatments to promote healing and strength on your journey to wellness. We accept all patients, regardless of whether they have been referred by a doctor or not.

New patients are encouraged to stop by our clinics any time to take a look around and make sure you are comfortable with our facility and staff.

Clinic Director – Will DeBell, PT, DPT

Office Coordinator – Linda Armstrong


“My physical therapists at Therapy South have been very personable, competent, and professional. They are very easy to talk to and hands-on with their therapy. I have a background in the medical field, and I’m always looking for people who are empathetic. Will and Allie (my therapists) are great coaches – they offer great suggestions and help me relax, but they don’t let me get away with too much. I told Will that I’ll play golf with him the first opportunity I get – I don’t know if he’s any good!”


542 15th Street East
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401




Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm

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    Manual Therapy
    Back and Neck Pain
    Post-operative Rehabilitation
    Sports Rehabilitation
    Dry Needling for Trigger Points (Click here to learn more.)

    Blood Flow Restriction Therapy