Welcome to TherapySouth Auburn! Our clinic offers a variety of services and treatments to promote healing and strength on your journey to wellness. We accept all patients, regardless of whether they have been referred by a doctor or not.

New patients are encouraged to stop by our clinics any time to take a look around and make sure you are comfortable with our facility and staff.

Clinic Director – Abby Nielson, PT, DPT

Office Coordinators – Ebonique Wilson and Angela Clifton



TherapySouth 1530 East Glenn Avenue, Suite C Auburn, AL 36830


fax: 334.502.7879


M-Th. 7am - 6pm; Fri. 7am - 5pm

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“I was working out one day and blew out my shoulder. I ended up with a complete and traumatic rotator cuff injury with a bicep tear. I could hardly move my arm, and I had surgery to rebuild my shoulder. When I showed up at Therapy South, my therapist asked me what my biggest goal was. I told him that I wanted to return to golf and play well. I’ve had multiple surgeries, but this is the first time that I’ve returned playing better than I was before. I’ve even dropped my handicap 5 strokes! At Therapy South, you can really tell they care about each patient, and they make things fun!”



Marissa suffered from daily chronic pain and faced limitations in her routine due to her Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

“I felt as if there was no hope for me and that I had no choice but to come to terms with the fact that I could be crippled by the age of 45. But after only a few months at TherapySouth, I was able to greatly decrease my limitations. I have been coming to PT once to twice a week for the past year and not only have I regained full mobility but am also able to set and achieve daily exercise goals. Working together with the team at TherapySouth has provided me a new lease on life and I no longer feel like a prisoner of my own body.”



“I injured my foot at work, broken in five places. My doctor referred me to Therapy South. On the first visit, I limped in on crutches, unable to put any weight at all on it and failing miserably with the crutches. They were very welcoming, listened to my concerns and even worked with me to be able to use the crutches more effectively – on the first day! I already felt better about my recovery and looked forward to the subsequent visits. Each visit helped me with confidence and mobility. Wes, Sarah, Heather, Dreher, and Robert were engaging and genuinely concerned with my well-being. Today, I’m able to ambulate without pain and I know I wouldn’t be doing this well this soon if it weren’t for the folks at Therapy South.”


Manual/Orthopedic Therapy
Sports/Running Injuries
Hand Therapy
Balance/Fall Prevention
Neck and Back Pain
TMJ Dysfunction
Decompression Traction
Postoperative Rehabilitation
Total Joint Replacements
Dry Needling for Trigger Points
Lymphedema/Swelling Treatment