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Leeds / Moody

1101 Higrove Parkway, Suite 125
Leeds, AL 35094


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M- F 8am - 5pm


Welcome to TherapySouth Leeds! Our team proudly serves patients from Leeds, Moody, Autumn Chase, Alton, Trussville and Cook Springs. We accept all patients, regardless of whether they have been referred by a doctor or not. Our clinic offers a variety of services and treatments to promote healing and strength on your journey to wellness. 

New patients are encouraged to stop by our clinics any time to take a look around and make sure you are comfortable with our facility and staff. 


Clinic Director – Becca O’Neal, PT, DPT – roneal@therapysouth.net


“Having both knees replaced within six weeks was brutal. I had used a cane throughout my adult life, and I was worried about walking without pain. I had never been to Physical Therapy before, and after my surgery and home health experience, I was worried about coming. Becca was very understanding and gentle while challenging me to push forward. She was so friendly, and I could see from my first visit that TherapySouth was going to be fun! I credit Becca with getting my knees to the point where they are now pain free.” – Melissa M.


“For many years, I have been struggling with lower back pain caused by disc degeneration and a nagging discomfort from my left rhomboid. On my first visit, Rebecca treated me with dry needling therapy, and the results have been outstanding. I am no longer having lower back spasms and my rhomboid condition is improving as well. Now that I’m having less pain and discomfort, I’ve been able to increase my overall exercise program significantly.

Over the years, I’ve been to other physical therapists, but I can honestly say that the professionalism, knowledge, and skill at Therapy South surpass any of my past experiences.” -Ed R.

Specializing in
Dry Needling Services

Trigger points, often a component of myofascial pain syndrome, are irritable, hard “knots” within a muscle that may cause pain over a large area. A potential treatment option is dry needling, which consists of a very thin needle that your therapist pushes through the skin to stimulate the trigger points, muscles, or connecting tissues.


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