Welcome to TherapySouth Jasper! Our team proudly serves patients from Jasper, Carbon Hill, Cordova, Curry, Dora, Oakman, Parrish and other surrounding areas. We accept all patients, regardless of whether they have been referred by a doctor or not. Our clinic offers a variety of services and treatments to promote healing and strength on your journey to wellness.

New patients are encouraged to stop by our clinics any time to take a look around and make sure you are comfortable with our facility and staff.

Clinic Director – Jacob Gates, PT, DPT

Assistant Clinic Director – Emma Crumpton, PT, DPT

Office Coordinator – Renee’ Butler


TherapySouth Jasper, 200 N Airport Rd, Jasper, AL 35504, United States


fax: 205.387.3267


M - F: 8 am - 5 pm

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“I was headed to Tuscaloosa when the load shifted on my truck and turned over. The truck immediately caught fire, and I was pulled out of the cab by another driver. He saved my life. I had severe burns on my legs and hands. I was in the hospital for 2 months, and they referred me to Therapy South. They have helped me with my mobility and regaining strength in my legs, hips, shoulders, and hands. I couldn’t stand straight up when I first arrived, and now I can stand up! The therapists at Therapy South know what they’re doing, and they really care. They’ve helped me feel comfortable and a part of the family!”



“I spent 97 days in the hospital with Covid-19, and I was on a ventilator for two months. My kidneys failed and I was on dialysis. When I got to Therapy South, I was in a wheel chair and I had lost 75 pounds. I couldn’t even hold a fork – I had no muscle tone. The therapists at Therapy South have helped me get my muscle and mobility back. They pushed me, but not so much that I got frustrated – they were great. My therapist Jacob told me that he’d have me walking out of the clinic by July 4th. I didn’t believe him because I was in a wheelchair at the time, but he was right! Now I’m up and walking on my own, without a walker!”


Manual/Orthopedic Therapy
Sports Medicine (Youth/Adolescent Sports, Running, Golf)
Postoperative Rehabilitation
Geriatric Rehabilitation (Balance & Gait)
Vestibular Rehab (BPPV, Vestibular Disorders, Balance)
Custom Orthotic Fitting
Decompression Traction
Dry Needling for Trigger Points
Blood Flow Restriction Training
Workers Comp:
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
Impairment Ratings (IR)
Work Conditioning