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At TherapySouth our goal is to help everyone live their best and most purposeful lives through movement, wellness and fitness. Whatever you enjoy doing, Therapy South will be there to help. Regardless of your age and fitness level, it is essential to stay active throughout your life.

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TherapySouth Endurance is comprised of a group of our physical therapists whose experience and training make them the perfect partner for both seasoned and beginning athletes in the endurance sports: running, cycling and swimming – including running assessments and wellness services available before and after races, rides, events and competitions. We will help you improve your performance, prevent injury and never stop training.

How can we help you:

Physical therapists are movement specialists. We identify movement dysfunction to decrease stress to joints and soft tissues, improve performance and prevent injury. We offer treatments that can improve efficiency and power, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and speed up recovery.

Whether you’re into powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or bodybuilding, our PT’s have the biomechanics and physiology knowledge to help you. Many of these lifts are technical, much like a golf swing. Often times, tuning up your lift or making changes to your movement pattern will improve your lifting capacity and performance.

We feel every lifter should have the ability to perform basic maintenance and self-checks to prevent injury and improve performance.

Be your optimal self stop lifting and guessing.

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Pink Ribbon Program 
for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

The Pink Ribbon Program is a Pilates based recovery program for breast cancer survivors. It was created to address the many needs following breast cancer treatment which include shoulder and neck pain, decreased range of motion and strength, lymphedema, depression and anxiety.

Benefits of the Pink Ribbon Program

  • Helps client regain strength and mobility in affected arm and shoulder
  • Education about proper movement and expectations
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Improves sleep and alleviate fatigue
  • Reduces feelings of depression
  • Enhances physical and mental well being
  • Improves self confidence
  • Provides rehabilitation from surgeries including mastectomy, lumpectomy, lymph node removal and reconstruction procedures

A wellness program designed to optimize your mobility so you can excel in your favorite activities.

Whether you want to feel stronger when keeping up with grandchildren, golfing with friends, running marathons, and everything in between. Our trained specialists cater the program specifically to each client’s needs and goals.

This program begins with an evaluation to create an individualized sequence based on a client’s pattern. From there, a client can expect light soft tissue work and stretching performed by our trained professional.

What sets this program apart from competitors?
TherapySouth STRETCH is a comprehensive program to address specific problem areas. Clients can expect a high quality of care and skilled treatment as it is directed and managed by our Doctors of Physical Therapy.

No referral needed

  • $75 for an hour
  • $50 for 30 minutes

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Swinging a golf club or tennis racquet requires an intricate combination of flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

TS Swing is designed to improve your body’s ability to move efficiently through the proper swing plane.

This is achieved by using slow-motion video analysis combined with a musculoskeletal evaluation to identify problems that can lead to under performance or injury.

Our program can help golfers and tennis players at any skill level who are looking to optimize performance by addressing their individualized fitness goals.

  • Two session evaluation to discuss player goals and identify any movement limitations.
  • Exercise prescription to maximize power with less effort and decrease pain or prevent injury.


All TS Swing golf therapists are certified through Titlist Performance Institute (TPI)