Success Stories

Sarah originally came to see us after a fall following her back surgery. Together, we have strengthened her back, legs, and helped her improve her ability to walk!

“I’ve had trouble with my right leg and pain in the bottoms of my feet, but everything is related to my back. Josh, my therapist, has helped me in the past – I told him my goal was to be able to walk in Disney World with my family, and I did! To see my grandson enjoy the rides and stay together in the campground with my family was priceless. That time will always be in my memory.

Therapy South is continuing to help me establish my walking. I came to Therapy South after visiting some other places, and I am so pleased with how they have helped me. Along my journey there has been a lot of pain and recovery time, but everyone is so friendly, and they really work to make sure you get the time and attention you need.”

– Sarah Graves, Grandmother, Back and Leg Patient

Johnathan had a vehicle accident, and suffered a concussion and hc4 disc herniation. After struggling to find relief through cortisone shots and back adjustments, he sought help from Ray at our clinic in Columbus, GA.

“After my accident, my doctor only offered shots or surgery to provide relief, but I reached out to Ray to see if he could help through physical therapy. When I started, I was struggling to move my neck, and within just two sessions I gained 18º of mobility! This improvement alone gave me pain relief and a better quality of life. I work as a personal trainer, and Ray has helped many of my own clients at the gym. I’m able to refer my clients to Ray because I have personally benefitted so much from Therapy South. What sets them apart is that their goal is the same as yours: they want you to gain independence and be able to exercise pain-free, on your own!”

– Johnathan Eberhardt, Personal Trainer, Patient

Jean is a local tennis pro who visited Therapy South after her surgery to address a frozen shoulder and a bone spur.

“About a year ago, after taking some time off from tennis during quarantine, my shoulder starting hurting while serving. I thought it would get better, but I ended up with a bone spur and needed shoulder surgery. Nathan had helped me through some tennis injuries in the past at Therapy South, and I called him to help with my recovery immediately after surgery. I’m already back to teaching on the court, which brings me a lot of joy! I’ve felt like I’m in good hands at Therapy South – you don’t feel like a number, but they give you specific time and attention.”

– Jean, Tennis Pro and Shoulder Patient

Rosemarie came to see us at our Opelika clinic, hoping that physical therapy could be a path to avoid back surgery and other procedures. As we have exercised and stretched together, her muscles have strengthened so that she can sustain her daily activities without the pain she was experiencing!

“When I began to have back and sciatic nerve pain, my doctor mentioned surgery, but I wanted that to be my last resort. My niece recommended I visit Therapy South and see if they could help. They really care about you as a patient and give you one-on-one attention. They helped me evaluate my activity level and how my therapy was progressing. The exercises and stretches that they have taught me have strengthened me and allowed me to do the things I love for longer without pain. I’ve been able to avoid surgery, and I leave each visit with tools to use at home to continue improving!”

– Rosemarie Shevelev, Patient

Roger was referred to Therapy South after a trucking accident in 2020. He has worked with our Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists to recover from his surgeries and get his mobility, strength, and functionality back.

“I was headed to Tuscaloosa when the load shifted on my truck and turned over. The truck immediately caught fire, and I was pulled out of the cab by another driver. He saved my life. I had severe burns on my legs and hands. I was in the hospital for 2 months, and they referred me to Therapy South. They have helped me with my mobility and regaining strength in my legs, hips, shoulders, and hands. I couldn’t stand straight up when I first arrived, and now I can stand up! The therapists at Therapy South know what they’re doing, and they really care. They’ve helped me feel comfortable and a part of the family!”

– Roger Dill, Truck Driver, OT + PT Patient