Patient Information

New Patients

Alinea Engage distributes our patient intake forms. Clinic information can be found in your Alinea account.

All new patients at TherapySouth will receive an email promoting to login and set a password for their account.

TherapySouth patients will receive an invite to create an account through Keet Health.

Patients will fill out applicable questionnaires in Keet before arriving to their first appointment.

While a patient at TherapySouth, patients can access exercise modules and message their PT through the Keet Mobile App.


Learn more about what we do from our recent interview with ABC 33/40 by clicking here!

Whether you’re an athlete, or young or old, you may benefit from physical therapy. It’s a wide misconception that physical therapy is only beneficial for after surgery or for those who have injured themselves in sports or who have suffered a bad accident, but this is far from the truth. Physical Therapy can be utilized to help with general orthopedic conditions, sports-related injuries, workers compensation injuries, neurological illnesses, pain management issues and so much more. Regardless of how small or large your problem or injury, we want to help you meet your goals.

The Physical Therapists at TherapySouth specialize in prevention, healing, rehabilitation and management of whatever ailment a patient may be experiencing. If you’re wondering whether Physical Therapy is right for you, click here to find and contact the location nearest you. Our specialists are here to answer any questions you may have. Whether you were referred by your doctor or not, we gladly accept all patients.

Is Physical Therapy right for me?

Guidelines to know when to call your therapist:

  • I don’t want to take medications.
  • I want to address the problem.
  • I want to take control of my health.
  • I want to get better.
  • Persistent symptoms greater than 10-14 days.

Fill out the appropriate questionnaire below to see if Physical Therapy is right for you.

Coronavirus FAQ

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

TherapySouth is committed to protecting the health of our patients, staff and communities.

Below are resources to answer any questions you may have about our policies and procedures regarding the coronavirus.

To find current recommendations from the CDC Click Here

April 9, 2021:

We are committed to following the CDC recommendations for facial coverings in clinical settings and require all patients and staff to wear a mask while inside the clinic. Thank you!


TherapySouth files with all major insurance companies. We would be glad to check your insurance benefits prior to your appointment to see if you have coverage, otherwise, one of our office managers will go over your benefits with you at your first appointment. We also are happy to offer reasonable payment plans.

Care Credit is an accepted payment option specifically designed to help cover medical expenses.