Treatments We Specialize In

Research shows that the two most important factors to achieve optimal outcomes are skilled manual therapy (hands-on treatment), as well as individualized education and exercise prescription.

Physical therapists are experts in the examination and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Each patient will be thoroughly evaluated on the first visit to determine which treatments will be most effective and appropriate. We combine a caring touch with skilled techniques to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Many of our therapists carry advanced certifications and board certifications in orthopedics, manual therapy, dry needling, strength & conditioning, workers compensation, pelvic pain, and ergonomic training.

Manual Therapy

Mobilization is the skilled passive movement to a joint and/or related soft tissues performed to relieve pain and increase mobility.

Manipulation is also skilled passive movement to a joint, similar to mobilization, but it is performed more quickly. Manipulation is often associated with an audible ‘pop’.


Physical therapists are a wealth of knowledge on many different topics.

Regardless of how big or small your problem is, we can help.

Did you know PT’s can help you with the following:


Help with pain relief, inflammation, stiffness, soreness

Specialized Tests