3 Ways PT Can Relieve Pain from TMD

Featured Therapist: Becca O’Neal, PT, DPT Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is a common condition that affects the jaw (TMJ), including limitation in movement of the jaw joint. Pain and discomfort associated with TMD is not limited to the jaw. Many patients diagnosed with TMD later learn that their headaches, neck pain and other symptoms are […]

How to Use Your Foam Roller

The foam roller is a well-established tool in both the fitness industry and rehab space. It’s a versatile tool often used for managing soft tissues. Foam rolling can be used for various body parts and is a great option to mix in with your wellness routine or on your rest day.      Contrary to what […]

TherapySouth joins Health Talents International Missions Work in Guatemala

Two of our own TherapySouth PTs joined a team from Health Talents International with other healthcare professionals on a trip to Guatemala where they provided physical therapy and health services to the communities there.   Nathan Click, PT, MSPT and Ann Lee, PT, DPT both reflect on the unique opportunity they have as Christians and physical therapists […]

Alabama’s First Orthopedic Residency Program

TherapySouth is proud to partner with UAB to develop the first and only accredited orthopedic physical therapy residency program in Alabama. This is possible thanks to years of growth in our relationship with UAB professors, staff, alumni and students.   Our practice is committed to lifelong learning – providing opportunities for our therapists to enhance […]

Your Choice for Physical Therapy

Power of the patient’s choice Now more than ever, individuals hold the power to make decisions and seek out opportunities for where to shop, dine, and even receive their medical treatments.   Since we are an outpatient therapy company, it is important to us that our network of referral partners, patients and community members know […]

Balance and Vestibular Therapy

Featured Therapist: Jazma Dobbins, PT, DPT, PRPC, CVT Did you know our body uses three different systems to maintain balance? These systems are the vestibular system, visual system, and somatosensory or body system. When one isn’t functioning optimally, the other two systems have to pick up the slack.   Balance directly impacts the way we […]

Why You ‘Knee’d PT – Arthritis Awareness Month

Featured Therapist: Morgan McNeill, PT, DPT At some point in our lives, we all experience knee pain. Maybe the porch steps start to become troublesome, or it seems more difficult to make it through the grocery store without feeling pain and fatigue in the knees.   While the knee is a stable joint, capable of […]

Early Intervention for Back Pain

When it comes to the management and treatment of chronic pain, such as back pain, patients are faced with a variety of options to find relief. The good news is that most insurance companies recognize the importance of early intervention for this type of pain and more patients can now access quality treatment.   While this has […]

Weed Out Pain in the Garden

Featured Therapist: Josh Steed, PT, DPT, MTC Spring is in the air! Now is the time to get outdoors and spruce up your garden. Most of us know that long hours spent planting and weeding can result in soreness and aches that last for days. The good news is there are ways to avoid that […]

Move Forward with Physical Therapy

When six months have passed since you exercised with regularity – how do you get back into a healthy routine? October is National Physical Therapy Month and this year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) will focus on the benefits of regular physical activity. Specifically, the role your PT plays to keep you healthy and active. […]