TherapySouth Endurance is comprised of a group of our physical therapists whose experience and training make them the perfect partner for both seasoned and beginning athletes in the endurance sports: running, cycling and swimming – including running assessments and wellness services available before and after races, rides, events and competitions.  We will help you improve your performance, prevent injury and never stop training.


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How can we help you:

– Physical therapists are movement specialists. We identify movement dysfunction to decrease stress to joints and soft tissues, improve performance and prevent injury

– We will partner with your coach, doctor, club, trainer or team

– Special assessments and evaluations tailored just for you

– Offering treatments that can improve efficiency and power, increase flexibility, decrease pain, increase flexibility and speed up recovery



Pre-Race Rune Up/Post-Race Clean Up

An individualized wellness-based evaluation with a physical therapist that will help you get ready for and recover from your next event.

Multi-sport services may include:

– Instrumented assisted soft tissue work

Dry Needling

Vasopneumatic compression and cryotherapy

– Manual therapy based off individual patterns

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

– Cyclists: We can work with your bike fitter to establish a personalized self-maintenance program for your specific needs. For more information about our cycling services, click here.


Run Assessment

Our running assessment can identify biomechanical and form issues to improve your running experience and performance.  We focus on your goals during the run evaluation – and we will help you never stop running and training.

– One-on-one session with a physical therapist

– Assesses Motion + Biomechanics + Form Evaluation

– Individualized approach based on your unique pattern

– Form, shoe and training recommendations

– dorsaVI TM sensors that measure human movement (available at select locations)


VIP Shoe Fitting

– Using the dorsaVITM system. Not sure what shoe is right for you? Let’s find out.

– Custom orthotics are available at select locations. Learn more here.


Patient Stories

Sarah LeCroy cropped

– Univ. Of Mobile Cross Country Team/Captain

– 100 5K’s (PR 21:19) 5 10K’s (PR 45:04) 3 Half’s (PR 1:44:32)

– 3rd year physical therapy student/Samford University



“I had a life changing experience at TherapySouth. This past year I have had two stress fractures while training for a marathon. I was devastated. I could no longer run and no doctors has answers as to why these were occurring. Then I met with Phillip Moore at TherapySouth for physical therapy. He not only did a detailed examination, but also looked at my running biomechanics on the treadmill. I had been to several other physical therapists but no one took the time to look at me run. He knew exactly what my impairments were and how to get me back to my goal of running a marathon and one day qualifying for Boston without injury. I left every session feeling valued. The PTs at TherapySouth have set me up for a healthy running career. Thank you TherapySouth for giving me my life back.”

– Sarah LeCroy

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