Mandi Goodman, PT, DPT 

Aquatic Therapist

Clinic: Auburn, Opelika

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Alabama 2001-2005
Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of Alabama Birmingham 2010-2012

Aquatics instructor and trainer for 4 years at Lakeshore Foundation

Aquatic PT since 2013

Personal Interests:

I have 4 kids (9,8,6,5). Family time is my favorite, watching the kid’s sports, and cooking for my family. In my former life, I loved doing triathlons and would love to get back into it. I love exercising, and being outside, and have recently taken up gardening.

“The water is magical! The buoyancy of the water unloads your joints and allows patients to move more freely and without the impact on their joints, giving the body some relief from all the wear and tear. Whether you are an athlete trying to return to sport, or are trying to manage chronic pain, or use a power wheelchair, the water is for you!”