TherapySouth has an excellent program that can help tennis players of all ages, levels and abilities. Our physical therapy for tennis players consists of injury recovery, injury prevention and performance improvement.

Physical Therapy for Tennis Injury Recovery

Tennis players can suffer from various different injuries, the most common injuries being Tennis Elbow, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tendonitis, and pain/strains in the neck, back and more. Often times, these injuries require surgery and physical therapy, which is necessary before and after surgery.

Physical therapy for tennis injuries at TherapySouth consists of stretching and strengthening exercises to help muscles recover from atrophy, stretching exercises to regain mobility, massage for soreness and the pain associated with recovery and more. Our physical therapists understand that each tennis player—and injury—is different, which is why we create a special program for every patient geared towards specifically helping them recover and return to the court.

Physical Therapy for Tennis Performance and Injury Prevention

Tennis requires use of your entire body, and strenuous use at that. The physical therapists at TherapySouth have created a great program that will aid in training your body to perform better while playing tennis, as well as help you to prevent future injury.

Stretching exercises

Our physical therapists will create a stretching routine made specifically for you that you can use before and after play.

Off Court Training

To better prepare for on-court play, you must train off the court. Our physical therapists will develop an excellent off-court tennis training program just for you that includes functional movement training and balance training. Furthermore, strength training will be implement to improve your stamina, strength and even quickness.

If you are a tennis player who is looking to improve or recover, the physical therapists at TherapySouth can work to create personal program made specifically for you and your needs.



Ben Angle – TherapySouth ATC on the court

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