Swimmers can benefit from physical therapy in a couple different ways. Physical Therapy can help a swimmer recover from an injury such as swimmer’s shoulder, however, physical therapy can also help a swimmer prevent injury and even improve their performance. The physical therapists at TherapySouth offer a program specifically for swimmers who are recovering from a swimming injury, or looking to improve their swimming and ultimately prevent future injuries.

Physical Therapy for Injury Recovery for Swimmers

A common injury for swimmers is swimmer’s shoulder, which sometimes needs surgery if the injury reaches the point of a torn tendons around the rotator cuff. The physical therapists are TherapySouth will work you to prepare your body for surgery, and help it recover post surgery as well.

Physical therapy for your swimming injury can consist of stretching and strengthening exercises to help muscles recover from atrophy, stretching exercises to regain mobility, massage for soreness and the pain associated with recovery and more. Our physical therapists understand that each swimmer—and injury—is different, which is why we create a special program for every patient geared towards specifically helping them recover and return to the water.

Physical Therapy for Swimming Injury Prevention and Improvement

Physical Therapy at TherapySouth can do so much more for swimmers than just injury recovery, it can help swimmers to prevent future injuries as well as improve their overall performance.

Our physical therapists work with a number of swimmers to help improve their strength, stroke mechanics, implement proper use of training instruments and more.

If you are a swimmer who is looking to improve or recover, the physical therapists at TherapySouth can work to create personal program made specifically for you and your needs.

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