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Runners can benefit from physical therapy more than you think. Physical Therapy can help a runner recover from an injury, however, physical therapy can also help a runner prevent injury and even improve your running. The physical therapists at TherapySouth offer a program specifically for runners who are recovering from a running injury, or looking to improve their running and ultimately prevent future injuries.

Physical Therapy for Injury Recovery for Runners

Runners can suffer from a number of injuries, some of the most common being torn ligaments and tendons in the knee or feet/heel/ankle. These injuries often times require surgery, but surgery alone isn’t typically enough, which is where Physical Therapy comes into play.

Physical therapy for running injuries at TherapySouth typically takes place before and after surgery, and can consist of stretching and strengthening exercises to help muscles recover from atrophy, stretching exercises to regain mobility, massage for soreness and the pain associated with recovery and more. Our physical therapists understand that each runner—and injury—is different, which is why we create a special program for every patient geared towards specifically helping them recover and return to pavement.

Physical Therapy for Running Injury Prevention and Improvement

Physical Therapy at TherapySouth can do so much more for runners than just injury recovery, it can help runners to prevent future injuries as well as improve their running.

Our physical therapists work with a number of runners to help improve their gait, strength and technique, making corrections that could ultimately prevent future injury and even help performance. Strength exercises to help improve muscle weakness a runner may not even be aware of, posture exercises to help relieve tension in joints and the back are just some examples of our physical therapy can help you as runner outside of just injury recovery.

If you are a runner who is looking to improve or recover, the physical therapists at TherapySouth can work to create personal program made specifically for you and your needs.


“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for what Ryan and his staff have done for me! I am a long distance runner with old injuries that tend to flare up and cause problems but since seeing therapy south that has drastically changed! Ryan and staff truly listened to my goals, my abilities, and from there worked up a plan to help me reach my goals. I have a program of strengthening exercises that I do daily along with dry needling in various areas. Dry needling I think frightens many people, however, after doing some of my research and Ryan explaining the process, I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did!!! The first area we needled was my peroneal tendon, I was a little sore for the first couple of hours, but it subsided quickly. A few days later I tried running and much to my amazement I had GREATLY improved in my running time. On my own I had worked from 15 minutes a mile down to 13 but seemed to be stuck there….however…after ONE needling session I had trimmed just over two minutes off my time and was down to the minutes a mile range I was blown away!!! After seeing the results with my ankle, I decided to agree to my hip/back (where an old injury is). I was sore for a little longer after that session, but it wasn’t unbearable by any means. I once again decided to try a run and that time I logged a 9-minute mile, the fastest mile I have ever run!!! I have seen improvements in other areas as well, not just running but also in stretching. Since my injury in 2014 I have not been able to touch my toes, now I can not only touch them, but I can stay there comfortably! I’m blown away at the improvements I’ve seen in only four sessions with Ryan and his group and highly recommend if you are having any form of mobility problems or pain you see him and his staff. They are all amazing! I owe them so much more than just a review!” -Jordan L.


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