Swinging a golf club requires an intricate combination of flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. The TherapySouth Golf Fitness and Rehabilitation Program is designed to improve your body’s ability to move efficiently through the proper swing plane.

This is achieved by using slow-motion video analysis combined with a musculoskeletal evaluation to identify problems that can lead to under performance or injury.

Our program can help golfers at any skill level who are looking to optimize performance by addressing their individualized golf fitness goals.

Mason McAnnally, PT, DPT

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified

Nathan Roddy, PT, DPT

“Poor performance in your golf game can be related to muscle tightness, mechanics or joint restrictions. Physical Therapy can play a key roll in identifying your specific injury or deficit to improve your game.”

– General Manager Limestone Springs Oneonta, Travis Smith

“I had lost 50 yards off my drive when I started decided to try therapy.  After working with Nathan and the TherapySouth crew, I have gained nearly all of it back. Thank you so much!”

– Ed Davis-PGA Golf Professional, Frank House in Bessemer

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