TherapySouth has an excellent program that can help cyclists of all ages, levels and abilities. Our physical for cyclists consists of injury recovery, injury prevention and performance improvement.

Physical Therapy for Cycling Injury Recovery

Cyclists can suffer from several different injuries in all areas of the body including the knees, elbows, neck, back, wrists and more. Often times, these injuries require surgery and physical therapy, which is necessary before and after surgery.

Physical therapy for cycling injuries at TherapySouth consists of stretching and strengthening exercises to help muscles recover from atrophy, stretching exercises to regain mobility, massage for soreness and the pain associated with recovery and more. Our physical therapists understand that each cyclist—and injury—is different, which is why we create a special program for every patient geared towards specifically helping them recover and return to the road.

Physical Therapy for Cycling Performance and Injury Prevention

In spite of what you may be experiencing, riding a bike should not hurt. Cyclists often times complain of numbness in the hands, hip pain, low back pain, knee pain or saddle numbness – these symptoms can greatly affect performance. Fortunately, the physical therapists at TherapySouth have created a great program that will help resolve all of those symptoms and even improve your performance. Our cycling program consists of a few different features:

1. Bike Fitting

Every cyclist is unique, and therefore needs specific bike fitting made for their body. Our physical therapists will make sure your bike fits your body, while also keeping in mind your flexibility and strength limitations. This service is available at select locations: Vestavia, Trussville, Riverchase, and Patchwork Farms.

2. Cycling Examination and Evaluation

TherapySouth physical therapists will conduct a musculoskeletal exam looking at posture, strength, balance and flexibility. We will also perform a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation of you on a bike with your own bike placed in a trainer paying special attention to pedal position, seat position and handlebar position. During this evaluation, recommendations and adjustments will be made to alleviate pain and improve your performance.

Furthermore, our physical therapists will also provide you with bicycle specific rehabilitation exercises to address strength, flexibility and postural deficits.

3. Speed

TherapySouth understands that for a lot of cyclists, speed is important. Often times, cyclists push through their rides and races placing themselves at increased risk for injury in order to be the fastest one on the road. But, did you know that speed isn’t always accomplished by just pedaling faster and pushing through a ride?

Our physical therapists will highlight areas of weakness, inflexibility and power loss, then develop a program that is specific to your needs. The goal of the program will be to help get stronger and more stable, and therefore more powerful, which can ultimately improve your speed.

If you are a cyclist who is looking to improve or recover, the physical therapists at TherapySouth can work to create personal program made specifically for you and your needs.

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