TherapySouth at Work offers a variety of programs to help employers prevent injuries in the workplace. Our approach is driven by a desire to meet your goals and those of your team, not those of a health care system designed to care for the injured.  We tie our success to your health; match our philosophies to your injury prevention.

We focus on generating interactions to improve employee performance to be safer and more efficient. Our team implements the following programs as needed:

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Real Results

“For years over 85 percent of our work-related injuries were made up of cumulative trauma muscular skeletal type injuries and illnesses.   As we soon approach our third anniversary with TherapySouth at Work that percentage has dropped to less than 20 percent.  Our total recordable injuries in recent years have in some cases declined up to 80 percent.   I believe Therapy South has played a major part in changing the culture at Neptune to one where Safety and Wellness is a priority in everything that we do.   Their program is one that stresses continual improvement, working every day to make our company a better place to work. ”  Bob Forrester, Director HSE Neptune Technology Group

Meet the Team

Josh Steed, PT, DPT
Director, TherapySouth at Work

Crystal White, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Alicia Cunningham, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Ben Angle, ATC
Onsite Services Manager

Alyssah Duran, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Alicia Jay, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Kristy Phillips, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Stan Remke, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Michael Martin, ATC
Athletic Trainer

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