A wellness program designed to optimize your mobility so you can excel in your favorite activities.

Whether you want to feel stronger when keeping up with grandchildren, golfing with friends, running marathons, and everything in between. Our trained specialists cater the program specifically to each client’s needs and goals.


This program begins with an evaluation to create an individualized sequence based on a client’s pattern. From there, a client can expect light soft tissue work and stretching performed by our trained professional.


What sets this program apart from competitors?
TherapySouth STRETCH is a comprehensive program to address specific problem areas. Clients can expect a high quality of care and skilled treatment as it is directed and managed by our Doctors
of Physical Therapy.


No referral needed

– $75 for an hour

– $50 for 30 minutes

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Meet our Stretch Specialist

Candy Early, ATC

“I’ve dealt with a bulging disc in my lower back for years and have always tried to research stretches/pain relief remedies on my own. After hearing about the TherapySouth Stretch initiative I immediately reached out to Philip and he was eager to get me in. During my session, he walked me through numerous stretches for my back and also informed me as to what common lower back stretches to avoid for my specific case. He also enlightened me on the “why” behind each stretch and what it was doing to assist in eliminating my back pain, which I found very beneficial. I had immediate pain relief and have made noticeable progress since my visit with him.” – Thomas C.

TherapySouth STRETCH is for any age and activity level!

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