Anna Davenport, PTA, CLT

Physical Therapist Assistant


Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT)
Hawkgrips certified

Clinical Experience:

Outpatient clinical PTA since 2016 (orthopedic patients, neuro rehab, pediatrics rehab, manual therapy, lymphedema treatment including manual lymph drainage and wrapping)

Areas of Interest:

Orthopedic, lymphedema, and sports rehab

Personal Interests:

I love to spend time with my family and travel. We just welcomed a new baby girl to our family in October 2020 and we love to spend time with her. We love to travel to the mountains to just spend days hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. I am also a huge baseball enthusiast and love to travel to new ballparks and stadiums. We love to spend most of our summers in Atlanta enjoying baseball and time with our family.

“My passion in PT is orthopedic care and lymphedema treatments. My PT passion started when I was young. My mom had a bad car accident when she was younger and had to learn to walk again. I always remember her praising her therapist and being so grateful for them. Growing up I have just always recalled her statements and thought how rewarding it would be to make a lifetime impact on someone that they never forget you and are always grateful for how you have helped them. So I chose the path of physical therapy to help impact and change people’s lives for the better just like the therapist did my mom. I love to treat my patients individually. All patients are not the same no matter what their diagnosis or symptoms. Each patient’s complaints and symptoms are personal and want them to feel that personal connection and care. That is why I love Therapy South. No patient is treated the same. Their treatment is individualized and made personal to them and that is the way it should be. My goal is to make them feel a personal connection and not just here for another dr appt. I want them to leave getting back to their prior level of function and feeling that personal connection that their needs were heard and met and for their experience to exceed their expectations.”