Vestibular Rehab / Dizziness / Concussion

At some point in our lives, we will experience balance problems. Whether it’s due to age or a specific illness/injury, balance problems can be caused by a weakened or deficient vestibular system. The vestibular system is comprised of the brain, inner ear, vision and sensation, and they all work to maintain your body’s balance – when any of these are impaired, the body’s balance is then impaired. The specialists at TherapySouth have a developed a specific program that treats Vestibular issues such as vertigo, dizziness and more.

We provide baseline concussion screening as well as post-concussion management.

Baseline Concussion Screening:

  • Cognitive Computerized Testing
  • Balance Screening
  • Neurological Screening

Post-Concussion Management:

  • Return to Play Protocols
  • Balance Re-Training
  • Vestibular and Ocular Re-Training
  • Manual therapy for headaches and neck symptoms
  • Monitored, sub-symptom aerobic and resisted exercise program

Common technique to correct BPPV:



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