Your feet and their health are crucial to you living a good life, and performing even the most routine tasks. TherapySouth understands the importance of maintaining the normal physiology of your feet – good feet physiology doesn’t just affect how your feet feel, they can play a huge role in how your ankles, legs, hips and spine feel and even function. Our Foot Orthotics Service was created to help improve the physiology of not only your feet, but your ankles, legs, hips and spine too.


The Foot Orthotic service is offered at select clinics. The service we provide includes:

  • Custom Orthotic Fitting
  • Power Steps
  • Shoe Recommendations
  • Heel Lifts
  • Running/Walking Assessment
  • Balance Assessment
  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill (Crestline & Riverchase Clinics)
  • Congenital Disorders
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Bunions

Pre-Fab Orthotics available at all TherapySouth clinics



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