Featured Therapist: Becca O’Neal, PT, DPT Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is a common condition that affects the jaw (TMJ), including limitation in movement of the jaw joint. Pain and discomfort associated with TMD is not limited to the jaw. Many patients diagnosed with TMD later learn that their headaches,Read More

Featured PTs: Armin Hornikel and Abbey Sedlacek Celebrate American Heart Month by learning how to live healthy and stay young at heart. How can physical therapy promote heart health?   Current recommendations to prevent heart related issues include eating 4-5 vegetables/fruits a day, avoid smoking, keep BMI near 25, andRead More

Low back aches, tense shoulders and a sore neck are all too familiar to anyone working the 9-5. Whether you are clocking in from your home office or commuting to work each day, the long sitting hours can take a toll on our bodies.   In addition to taking theRead More

Featured Therapist: Hannah Cox, PT, DPT Athletes should know that training and practice can only take them as far as their healthy body will allow. The risk of injury and missing competition as a result can weigh heavily on performance and attitude toward their sport. From a physical therapist’s perspective,Read More

Featured Therapist: Nolan Williams, PT, DPT Back in March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept through Alabama and more people than ever were sent out of the office to work from home. Many offices have opted to keep employees at home to protect the health and safety of their companyRead More

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