Featured Therapist: Nolan Williams, PT, DPT Back in March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept through Alabama and more people than ever were sent out of the office to work from home. Many offices have opted to keep employees at home to protect the health and safety of their companyRead More

Tony Bridges, MS, CSCS, CDE, CEES is the Director of Industrial Rehabilitation Services for TherapySouth and will be serving patients at the new TherapySouth clinic in Montgomery. The clinic, located at 8117 Old Federal Road in Montgomery, opened in September of 2020 under the direction of Tiffany Higginbotham, PT, MSPT.Read More

Featured Therapist: Corey Irby, PT DPT Life is a sequence of opportunities filled with trials, challenges, and potential. We are best poised to live a fulfilling life when our bodies are healthy and strong. The way we become and remain healthy and strong is by being physically active, eating nutritiousRead More

2020 is the year of training at home and having the right products can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a workout. We know that gift-giving can be hard, especially when it’s for someone who is passionate about fitness and always on the hunt for the next bestRead More

Featured Therapist: Jazma Dobbins, PT, DPT, CAPP-Pelvic The 12 weeks following childbirth present many new challenges to mothers including emotional exhaustion, physical exhaustion, and the tendency to neglect their own health to care for her baby. This period is known as the 4th trimester.   While a women’s body willRead More

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